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Test and certification according to 2014/34/EU Directive. The Guide belonging to Directive, gives detailed explanations for the content of the Directive, resp. gives approaches for the hardly interpretable questions. It can be founded further useful informations in English, resp. Hungarian language on the relevant websites of the European Community, which can be reached, if you click here. The ExVA Ltd. issues the next certificates: EU Type Examination Certificate Notification of Conformity to Type based on Quality Assurrance of the Production Process Notification of Conformity to Type based on Product Quality Assurrance Product Quality Assurrance Notification Product verification Certificate of Conformity Unit verification Certificate of Conformity The certificates response to the given modules of the Directive, which must choosed by the manufacturer on the base of the incidence rate of the dangerous material (Zone) and the features of the product intended to use, resp. the protection mode of it. When the manufacturer intends to use his product in Zone 2 according to the Directive, he can do that issuing the Manufacturer’s Declaration. If the manufacturer wants to get a test and certification by the Notified Body, the ExVA Ltd. issues a Certificate of Conformity about it. The experts of ExVA Ltd. help you to choose the appropriate certificate