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Test and certification according to IECEx System. The IECEx System is a global certification system for explosion-proof products. On the base of the certification the countries out of Europe, firstly themember of the IECEx System (e.g. North America, Brasil, China, India), can make the test and certification process according their own regulation easily and simply. Australia accepts the certificates according to IECEx System. An ExTR is issued about the laboratory tests according to the rules and procedures issued by the IECEx System, a QAR is issued about the quality efficiency of the manufacturer and on the base of them the Certification Body issues the product certificate. The ExTR, the QAR and the certificate are stored on-line on the website of the IECEx System. Theese can be reached for reading for everybody. The necessary informations can be found in English language on the website of the IECEx System, which can be reached, if you click here. For the request of the manufacturer the ExVA Ltd. issues the Conformity Mark Licence. This containes the IEC logo and an identifier below the Ex sign, what the manufacturer is authorized to put onto their products. The experts of ExVA Ltd. help you to get the IECEx reports and certificate.